Friday, May 27, 2005

The Evils Of Capitalism


The Evils of Capitalism (Academic thinking at its most furious)

The cliche 'money is the root of all evil' is well known but is this statement wholly accurate? Money is more likely the 'catalyst of all evil' serving as the vile river whereby all the injustices and scurvies of humanity flourish and flow. Money is said to be able to buy you anything apart from happiness and love. Yet by living in our capitalistically economic society we rely on money to live and survive, and thus by giving money precedence we distance ourselves from happiness and love. A simple syllogism which is accepted by many people, who carry on hegemonically passing out their inane, meaningless lives, in our world. Money drives the lust for greed and kicks open the door to an incessant hunger for it, no matter what the circumstances may be. It feeds on the power-hungry characteristic aspect inherent in every individual and torments and taunts them into believing that it is an elusive elixir able to buy them instant success or, even, instant suck sex. That is what it has driven humanity to, selling their bodies, in return for its sullen filth which in turn sullies them. The ideology of capitalism pretends to lie on success, yet it is obvious that capitalism, in fact, lies on principles of greed and lust and it is these (note, deadly) sins that tear apart the virtues of humankind and rip apart friendships and relationships. In capitalist societies our morals, hence, rot away from the centre spreading outward like a disease (just look at what has happened to America, which is arguably the most prominent capitalist state in the world). Claiming to be built for success, it is a euphemism for being built up for greed and by distancing ourselves from happiness and love, we are distancing ourselves from what is truly important in our lives. I don't mean to get all hippy or preachy on your ass (maybe hoppy and peachy if you're female, hmm...) but rather than scorning your true lives and selves for money, scorn the evil of money for your true self. We have become enslaved into this system and to scorn money completely would be certain death (so I'm not asking you to do that dumb fuck.) I'm merely informing you about the sickness and wrongs that have plagued our planet via humankind. Remember what Biggie said, "Mo Money Mo Problems", and he was a wise man.

Capitalism makes evil. Evil made capitalism.