Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Blues


Monday Blues

I'm going to make this more like a blog. It's Monday and I'm feeling bloggy and blogged down with the Monday Blues.

The CRUSHING futility of hope in a prejudiced world,

drowns me, overpoweringly, devouring me,

as PILLARS of darkness tower me,

like a far-away monsoon blown over my tropical island.

The Deluge of Destructive Depression Dangerously Drowning me.

I hate Mondays.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Poignantly Pondering - What happened to love?


Poignantly Pondering - What happened to love?

Love used to be gentle hugs on snow-frosted Christmas evenings and heartfelt conversations at candle-lit dinners. It used to be late-night drives, under the stars, to places where trysts were forged, love used to be iridescent sunrises on the beach and content heads on the sand.

What happened?

Love has either disappeared, found a new meaning in the ever-changing dictionary of modern times, or is taking a small break while we search fruitlessly for it. Love in the new age seems to be losing its impetus becoming, along with marriage and relationships, more disposable than one-ply toilet paper. As we become enamoured with narcissism and social conditioning encourages transience, love loses its place because it's supposed to be everlasting. Romanticising history is probably because of this - if the demise of love is inevitable, we might as well remember something so beautiful and unique. Economics are the future so money can buy you love, but it cannot make you love. We have become so obsessed with finding love but so pre-occupied with sex that our lives become nothing more than constant conflict. We yearn for love (of all types) but the media shove their ideology of sex down our throats on a daily basis. With a partner, love and sex should be co-related but we have separated them. Sex is great, but love and sex together are amazingly explosive. What's pancakes and cinnamon without the sugar? These days it seems cornerstones of relationships have been abandoned. Women are like,"Virginity. What's that? Let's shag," and men think, "Chivalry. Huh? Let's fuck." How sad. Yet love exists in various kinds and it seems scarce in all these types.

Since when was love storming into a country and killing thousands of civilians in their own interest, since when was love cruelly raping a naive child, since when was love confining and starving your pet dog in harsh quarantine, and is it love if you neglect your true character to fit others' expectations. Love seems to be the missing link in our evolution. We dropped it along the way and haven't been able to fully recover it. I hope that some miniscule chance (even if it is smaller than shrunken midgets) exists for it to be regained to the ideal we held dear.

Excuse my pessimism, however. I tend to see things negatively, like a photographer in a dark room. Keep on looking for love, though, or unless I've got this whole rant horribly wrong - enjoy your star-lit dinner on the banks of the Rhine with your soulmate tonight.