Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Dreamlike State


A Dreamlike State

Sometimes I ponder, in fact most of the time I ponder, the rest of the time I'm sleeping but that's when I'm dreaming.

I ponder - what if life was like dreams, not dreams in general but those special ones that stand out like a black dude at an opera. Where soulless sports stadiums and tepidly decorated shopping malls could transcend their status to unobtrusive (with the only camera being your mind) locations where trysts are formed and forged. Where my mind gently lets go of reason and allows intuition to create my ethereal path without wondering why the path gets so hilly. Where I get you and you get me, mentally. Where she gets me and I get her, physically. Where amazing experiences are encapsulated and captured, rather than dilapidating in the old attic filled with grey matter upstairs.

But then I ponder, nightmares are dreams that stand out too.
Maybe life is a lot like dreams or maybe dreams are a lot like life, fused between our conscious and subconscious.
Or perhaps our lives forever aspire to be like our dreams and dreams subtly desire to come to life.

Dreams give us the opportunity to live the alternate lives we crave for.



VirginUpdates said...

Love the way you wrote this piece.endearing and raw.

D said...

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked it.