Thursday, March 23, 2006

Carnivalesque Protests


Carnivalesque Protests

Bright lights entice and coerce the unwary, the mangling of man and machine in unmitigating motion, laughter fills the dark night, and feet trod swiftly onward through the maze of amazement. William Wordsworth was shocked and horrified when he first encountered a fair, however, today the Ferris Wheels and Candy Floss of Carnivals allow for beatnik escapism from the drudge of our everyday lives.

Going to a fair in your old hometown can be a little unnerving and yet overwhelmingly exciting. Old schoolfriends, your first crush, fights fought and buried; lost kisses all come to life in your mind, recollected in the ephemeral daze of carnival. Swings and ships swish through the air as do the sounds of joy and exhilaration emanating from the contraptions. Sweet treats placate little children and their overbearing parents.

Yet in the midst of the thronging crowds, in a world packed with nostalgia and sentiment, eyes and experiences connect reminiscing on relationships that could have been, and shouldn't have been. Young girls and boys sway with the movements of their unbridled hearts toward desire and desolation.

Shit! Now look at what I've gone and done, this was supposed to be a perfectly ordinary insight into the fair I'd visited and yet it has become fettered by the fancy-free flux of my feelings.

I should stop writing about love, ah fuck it, I don't think I have the heart to.



raZer said...

Now that's poetry! I can't believe you're so poetic.

Nice work man!

D said...

It means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, so I hear my blog is "almost a keeper". I'd be a bit insulted, except I know eeexactly what you mean and have often thought the same thing of it, so I must say that I'm actually quite flattered in the end. Thanks for the comment.

You've got quite a way with words, I might add.

Hannah (the peanut girl)