Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mind your unfinished business


Mind Your Unfinished Business.

Clang! In the impenetrable dark of a South African winter night it's awfully unnerving to hear a grand piano suddenly begin playing. Yet there it was, way beyond midnight, keys crashing together in an eerie crescendo. I sat up straight and swivelled my head in disbelieving fright.


There it was again, a strangely discordant harmony of ebony and ivory trailing towards my room. As far as I know none of my neighbours own a piano and if indeed any aspirant musicians decided to practise I highly doubt it would be at one in the morning. My mind racing, without warning, a cloak of darkness swept through my room and a dog howled outside.

I was terrified. My mouth housed my heart for a while.

Now I was really creeped out, duvet crawling closer all around me. Some people dismiss the supernatural as over-imaginative garbage, fair enough, each to his/her own. But I HAVE met a ghost before. It visited me in a public bathroom stall, slamming doors and flushing toilets, with me running out, tail between my legs, and still very much in need of a pee. My brother insists our neighbour's house is haunted telling me of taps turned on late at night, usually when our single neighbour is away. I laughed his suggestions off, but this time I wasn't smiling. Paranormal activities? In my room?

Which way is the toilet?

I'm not sure what a ghost would be doing in my house, they generally have unfinished business to take care of, and in a capitalist society where business is oh so very important I suspect it was a matter of the utmost urgency. I'd be happy if he didn't visit again though!


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Shaz said...

Hey D
Dude, you need to update. And also, you need to donate a good few brain cells . . . I need a dictionary to make sense of your entries . . .
Leaving in two days! Hope you have an awesome time!