Thursday, July 27, 2006

Positively Putrid. The Flags Are Sailing West.


Positively Putrid. The Flags are sailing West.

Alright. I'll be the first to admit it, most of my life I've been a negative thinking sort of person. Not in a pessimistic manner but more of an existentialist, it doesn't really count does it, so what the hell, kinda way. I guess I have a right to. My life's been littered with mishaps and shit. Copious quantities of it.

You try piss blood.

But occasionally off run a few electrons and my mindset shifts to a more positive, the sky's blue but I'm not outlook.

What would life be without vicissitudes?

So on the thirteenth of July 2006 (maybe I picked the wrong date) my heart smiled for a change and affirmations aplenty were bustling for room within my conscious. I was going to pass my drivers license, her and I would someday be together and things were looking okay, if not good for a change. A nervous sleep lay me to rest that night, albeit one of a positive proleptic.
Flash to 14 July 2006, 14h00 C.A.T.
My house had been broken into, I dismally failed my drivers license and Miss Right is probably out suntanning in Mongolia while I'm here dying.


Positive thinking backfires, with a vengeance. So much for that. Guess it doesn't really work when you're five feet deep. Someone pass the shovel already. I'll be at the harbour waiting, let me know if my ship comes.


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